Eliz Keto Diet : Pill Which Helps To Shed That Baby Fat

Eliz Keto Diet is a chemical that is extracted from the Indian plant called Coleus forskohli, which was traditionally used to treat asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hypertension, period pains, eczema, congestive heart failure, psoriasis and angina in Ayurveda medicine. In recent times, the chemical has become a principal component of many weight loss supplements. Eliz Keto Diet acts principally by activating enzyme adulate Cyclades and in turn boosts cyclic adenine mono phosphate (camp) in cells. The cyclic AMP is a second messenger and regulates many enzymes that are involved in a broad range of cellular functions. Some of the core functions affected by camp action include hydrolysis (fat burning), thyroid function, heart contraction, histamine release, platelet activation and smooth muscle relaxation.

Scientific Evidence for Eliz Keto Diet Weight Loss

Weight loss So, is Eliz Keto Diet highly effective and safe weight loss supplement? The effect of Eliz Keto Diet on weight loss has been intensely studied and all the studies have confirmed that the supplement is, indeed, effective and safe in weight loss. In 2002, an issue published on the Pharmaceuticals contained a detailed report on a study conducted on the weight loss effects and safety of Eliz Keto Diet in a clinic in South Carolina. During the study, six overweight women were put on bottles of Eliz Keto Diet capsules, with each capsule containing 250mg Eliz Keto Diet (that is standardized for 10%). Each woman was instructed to take a capsule every morning, followed by another capsule just half an hour before the evening meal. The women were also instructed never to alter their eating or exercise habits.

After eight weeks, the researchers recorded a mean weight loss of 9.17 pounds, which was accompanied by increased lean body mass. There were no reported side effects. Therefore, the researchers concluded that 250 mg bid of a 10% Eliz Keto Diet extract of Coleus forskohli offers a prospect of effective weight loss and safety. Three years later, in August 2005, the Obesity Research reported a 12-week study that was conducted in the University of Kansas and which gave the same results for the extract. In the study, 30 male obese volunteers were divided into two groups of fifteen members each. One group was put on a placebo while the other group was put on 250 mg of Eliz Keto Diet extract (10%) two times per day.

How Does Eliz Keto Diet Work?

At the end of the study, the researchers reported several positive benefits of Eliz Keto Diet supplementation, including massive decrease in body fat, increased serum-free testosterone levels, and substantially diminished fat mass percentage. The report also documented a non-significant increase in bone mass and a trend towards lean body mass. Finally, another study conducted by Penn State University College of Medicine reported that obese individuals put on Eliz Keto Diet have reduced levels of camp production. They concluded that the supplement can be an effective weight loss agent, especially for people with impaired camp production.

Thousands of Eliz Keto Diet reviewers have returned a positive verdict on the supplement’s safety and efficacy. Furthermore, the supplement has been recommended by Dr. Oz, who likened it to fire in a bottle. So, how does it work? Eliz Keto Diet stimulates the body to release more testosterone and thyroid hormone, which in turn trigger the fat-burning process and create conducive environment for development of lean muscle. The muscle tissue also helps to burn more calories effectively. Being a metabolism booster, Eliz Keto Diet is also added to many other weight loss supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia supplements to help burn more fat in a shorter duration of time.

Side Effects of Eliz Keto Diet

The supplement has no adverse side effects. Nonetheless, being a strong anticoagulant, Eliz Keto Diet supplements are not appropriate for individuals suffering from blood clotting disorders. Similarly, Eliz Keto Diet may interact with prescription medicines and patients should consult their physicians before taking the supplement, especially when they are on certain drugs. Equally, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take the supplement, while all who experience any health problems when taking Eliz Keto Diet should contact their physicians as quickly as possible. While there are still more studies to be conducted to confirm the extent of safety and efficacy of Eliz Keto Diet as a weight loss supplement, all current studies and reviews confirm that it is a safe and potent fat burner.

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